Why should Bhutan be your next travel destination?

Why should Bhutan be your next travel destination?

Bhutan, also known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a country located in the South Asia. The reason why Bhutan is becoming more popular on the global map is because of its happiness quotient. Bhutan is known to be the happiest country in the world, making it more desirable for one and many. There’s a curiosity in the minds of the people as to what makes the Bhutanese people so happy. So hop on to a flight and go to Bhutan to find out what makes it such a happy and spiritual place. Here are a few things that you can do in Bhutan while you’re there:

1. See Mount Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest
Your trip to Bhutan starts on the flight itself. When you fly to Bhutan into Paro International Airport, you can get a more than just a glimpse of the Mount Everest as well as Mount Kanchenjunga along with a great view of the Himalayan mountain range. The snow capped mountain peaks amidst the clouds form a breathtaking view.

2. Enjoy the delectable local cuisine
The food of a place plays a great role in the overall vibe of a place. Ema Datshi (a mix of chillies and cheese), Phaksha Paa (pork strips with red chillies), Momos (rice flour dumplings) and the local Red rice with curry are some of the few must eat dishes in Bhutan. The Bhutanese like a lot of chilli in their food so ensure you carry a bottle of water with you in case you’re not very comfortable with spicy food.

3. Try your hand at archery
Archery is Bhutan’s national sport. As they say, In Rome do as the Romans do. So, if you are fond of adventure and sports, you must try your hand at archery. Across Bhutan, you’ll find men in their traditional patterned robes known as ghos practicing archery. If you’re not all that adventurous, sit and watch the game, it’s quite a sight.

4. Be a part of the Tsechu Festival
The Tshechu Festival is an annual Bhutanese festival. It is held on the 10th day of a month of the lunar Tibetan calendar. The Kaygu school that believes in Tibetan Buddhism facilitates this festival. Essentially, Tshechus are nothing but small gatherings of people wherein people living close by come together to enjoy and celebrate social bonding. The Tshechus of Thimpu and that of Paro have the largest gatherings, with multiple stalls, kiosks, games, dances, music, food etc. The traditional Cham dances are a major attraction of the Tshechu festival.

5. Climb up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery
Right above the Paro Valley is the Taktsang Lhakhang. Also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, this monastery is one of the prettiest sights to be seen in Bhutan. It forms for a beautiful postcard image. You’ll have to walk to the temple, but the view from the monastery will make it a worthwhile walk. Sit and the monastery for sometime and meditate, the positive vibes are sure to bring you at peace with yourself.

6. Visit the Dochula Pass
The Dochula Mountain Pass is situated on road from Thimpu to Punakha. It is a part of the Himalayan mountain range. On each side of the pass, you can witness the beautiful snow capped Himalayan mountains. The Dochula Pass gives you a panoramic view of the entire Bhutan. There are almost 200 stupas that have been built there by the then Queen mother called Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk. A beautiful monastery known as the Druk Wangyal Lhakhang, is located along the pass which is the venue for the Dochula Druk Wangyal Festival.

7. Be happier than you were
Bhutan is known as the Happiest Place on this Earth. The Gross Happiness Index of Bhutan is the highest. This is because the Bhutanese people have also placed more weight on being happy internally rather than on materialistic pleasures of life. With happiness being the primary aim of the people in Bhutan, some happiness is bound to rub off to you!

Stay happy, stay in Bhutan!

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