Why Kashmir Is Known As The Heaven On Earth?

Why Kashmir Is Known As The Heaven On Earth?

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and picturesque state in India that lies on the peaks of Himalayan ranges with varying topography and culture. However, Srinagar' the capital of Kashmir offers a delightful holidays on the lakes with their houseboats and Shikaras. Moreover, it is one of the most alpine regions in the Northern India which goes by names such as The Last Shangri-La, Moonscape, little Tibet, and so on. In addition, Ladakh is one of the most scenic places in the Kashmir and diverse adventure activities like rafting, riding, jeep safari, water sports, and many more things to do. This place is the most inspiration for much art, music, poetry, and mostly a honeymoon's paradise.

Amazing place to stay in Kashmir: Houseboats

Undoubtedly, tourists are very attached to Srinagar because of the charm of staying on a houseboat which provides the unique experience of living on the water in a cedar-panelled elegant bedroom with the conveniences of a luxury hotel. However, houseboats are moored along sections of the Dal and Naagin Lakes and the river Jhelum, while each decorated fancifully and named romantically and even whimsically. It is very alike to hotel, as in degree of luxury which has been graded by the department of Tourism. Plus, it has fine furniture, good carpets, modern bathroom, and many more luxury things. Also, each houseboat has been assigned with a house boy in it to take care including all meals, free rides from the houseboats and all the things that are being available in the luxury hotel rooms.

Despite the fact that, Kashmir is the land where heart knows no worries, every step makes you feel closer to heaven, the smell of pure air enticing the spirit which gives you a panacea effect, the filled mountain, the splendid Dal Lake, the apple orchids, the sweet smell of saffron, the hospitality of the civilians, and every experience is a mouth to cherish.

The famous Tulip Garden

This is the most famous garden which is a must see, as every year Tulip flower blossom here for just a month between March to April and you will experience something magical and beautiful which is nowhere else in the world except Kashmir. Hence, a visit to one of the apple orchards is a lifetime experience as you rarely get a chance to see these flowers.

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