Why Delhi Is The Fashion Capital For Sonam Kapoor?

Why Delhi Is The Fashion Capital For Sonam Kapoor?

As we all know that Sonam Kapoor is known for her decent personality and self confident women and also a red carpet darling. She was most popular for her social media prowess for her fashion. She has launched an app that giving users a glimpse into her glamourous life. At the 5 star hotels in Mumbai, she was asked about her fantasy, stunning art, and life. Accordingly, here are some of her experiences and answer that are giving as follows:

What is Luxury for Her?

Notably, for Sonam Kapoor luxury doesn't only something expensive, as it means something of better quality, something that is sensual, that smell good, looks good, feel good, and its good. Moreover, she can even wear a pair of jeans like couture.

About Her Personal Style:

She said, she was like Sybil (having the character with the multiple personalities). Her reason for becoming an actor is that she is a different person every day, as her style is bohemian. She likes to wear clothes that are loose, free spirited, and flowy which defines her personality. She sometimes just go hardcore rocker though and she is in all black.

She prefers to be more comfortable and feel beautiful for the red carpet. For her, the first luxury thing to buy is a Chanel bag which she said she bought when she was just 18. Plus, she was first gifted a heirloom piece by her mother.

Shopping Destinations:

She point out Delhi as her favourite shopping destinations because it is the fashion capital. She wears a lot of Indian clothes. She feels more comfortable in sarees, as she think that saree is the most fashionable garment ever which can be wear in the different ways, interpreted differently.

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