Visakhapatnam: Between Beaches and Hills

Visakhapatnam: Between Beaches and Hills

Visakhapatnam, the port city of Andhra Pradesh, welcomes its visitors with wide and green open arms. It flushes the pollution out of your system with its pristine air and lush greenery. Headquarters for the East-coast railways, Vizag, as it is popularly known, is a perfect amalgamation of mountains and beaches. So whether you are a water lover or a mountain person, Visakhapatnam is sure to leave you spellbound. We bring to you five most-visited beaches and hills in Visakhapatnam to help ease your excitement.

Ramakrishna Beach
Named after the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama is the most popular beach in Visakhapatnam, the Ramakrishna Beach. Soak in the sun, the sand and the sea throughout the day and munch scrumptious street food by the beach. If you are a water sports enthusiast, plunge into the sea with a surfboard and make your way through the waves. Come here for refreshing morning walks and lazy evenings with friends or family. Across the beach road is the Ramakrishna Ashram to offer you solace. Kali temple and Dutch cemeteries are also located in the vicinity.

Yarada Beach
Situated on the west coast of Bay of Bengal in a village called Yarada at a distance of 15kms from Visakhapatnam is a quaint Yarada beach. Away from the city hustle-bustle and the buzzing crowd, this beach transports you to the good old times. Splashes of crystal clear waves on the beach awash your feet as you take a slow walk looking over the scenic beauty of the village. This captivating beach is one among the least explored beaches in the country, thus, providing you the peace you have duly earned.

Borra Caves
When the mountains call, you must step forward and march right towards Borra caves. Take the only passenger train from Visakhapatnam and let the energy build through the picturesque journey. Covering more than 40 tunnels, a few longer than a km, the train passes through spectacular sceneries. Located on the east coast of India, Bora caves are among the largest caves in India. These irregularly shaped limestone structures are also the deepest caves in India. Located at the Ananthagiri hill range, Borra caves also serve as a Hindu pilgrimage.

One of the coldest places in South India, Lambasingi village has had its Chintapalli region snow-covered in winters. Also titled ‘Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh,’ the beauty of Lambasingi is breathtaking. Foggy and cool breeze envelops the Lambasingi roads in the morning and the evenings are perfect for a walk with your beloved. The forested area is great for camping, while the hills surround your tent and starry night blankets you.

Close to the Ramakrishna Beach is another gem of Visakhapatnam, Kailasgiri. The aerial view of the city from the Kailasgiri hill is beyond description! The Kailasgiri park situated atop the hill is one of the most popular picnic spots for the locals and tourists alike. Take a ropeway carrier and slide up the hill range to reach the park and experience the city with a 360 degree view of forests, beaches and the city of Visakhapatnam itself.

The escalating popularity of South India tourism industry has pushed Visakhapatnam to the forefront. Whether you are visiting the city for leisure or for work, book a room of your choice from among the many hotels in Visakhapatnam prior to making a visit to for ensured peace and guaranteed comfort.

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