Top Offbeat Destinations for Weekend Romantic Getaways

Top Offbeat Destinations for Weekend Romantic Getaways

It is easy to tackle professional monotony - head out to the best tourist places near Delhi within 500 km. It’s vital to take a break from life to spend some quality time with nature. 

One must never let monotony seep into their life, especially when there is an abundance of options available to beat it. It would be best if you found time from your weekly client visits, targets, and statistical presentations, for your pleasures and pastime activities. One of the best ways to spice up your mundane routine is weekend getaways. There’s no denying that people often drop this idea because of failing to choose destinations. Fortunately, India is rich and diversely known for tourism, meaning one can have their pick of spots. If you are based in the national capital, here’s a curated list of potentially best tourist places near Delhi within 500 km.

1.     Jangalia Gaon

The first name on this list is Jangalia Gaon- a sub-urban vacation spot located a rough 350 km a far from Delhi. Jangali Gaon is widely well known for offering an authentic village-like holiday experience. The place is a rough 15km away from Bhimtal, thereby making it easy to travel. If you are a motorbike enthusiast, you could very well add this destination when planning for a motorcycle trip across the Kumaon region. It’s essential to mention that the place is sufficiently offbeat, meaning a significantly less crowd, even in the tourist season. When on the site, you must surely cover the popular local tourist attraction, i.e., Bhimtal.

2.     Chail

If you are a fan of the mountains and lush greenery, you could always choose to make a trip to Himachal Pradesh. However, all the best vacation spots in the state are over-crowded throughout the year. No Shimla, No Dehradun- How about Chail then?

Strategically located close to Shimla, Chail is particularly popular for its natural brilliance. Nature lovers are bound to have a surreal experience upon winding down the nature trails- mark the place if you also have a loving bone for nature. The peaceful corners across the site allow tourists to stop for a breather and introspect their respective lives. And they also make for the best weekend romantic getaways as well. When in the city, you must visit the Mall road and the King’s palace as well.

3.     Mashobra

Drifting a little wider of Shimla lays the charming destination of Mashobra. The destination is a rough 350km away from Delhi, where you can enjoy all the brilliance of hill stations, despite having a low altitude. It is essential to mention that Mashobra is another of the best weekend getaway options near Shimla, famous for its dense forestation. The nature lover inside you will be up for a treat with pictorial deodar forests all around you. Furthermore, if you have any particular affinity for outdoor activities, you can participate in camping and trekking as well.

4.     Almora

It is not necessarily an out-and-out offbeat destination per se, but Almora in Uttarakhand deserves a special mention. The popular tourist destination can be split into two geographical halves – the crowded urban landscape and the green nature reserve. If you are not a fan of urban tourist setups, you can drive a rough ten kilometers away from the city to visit the Mata Kesar Devi temple. The divine atmosphere with traditional architecture will contribute to a long-lasting fine mood. Some of the famous personalities graced this godly tourist attraction include Bob Dylan, Timothy Leary, Cat Stevens, Allen Ginsberg, and Swami Vivekananda. You can consider Almora as an ideal weekend getaway near Delhi for couples.

5.     Gangotri

Lastly, if you want to break out from your fast-paced, loud urban lifestyle, you could visit Gangotri for a complete mental detox. The destination is traditionally renowned for facilitating the Char Dham Yatra for pilgrims and devotees. However, you don’t strictly need to hold spiritual or religious sentiments to visit Gangotri. A whole host of weekend holidays and trekkers visit this ionic and serene location for their nature expedition. You must rely on a self-planned road trip to leverage the best out of this tour. Additionally, it’s only fit to mention that Gomukh in Gangotri is the origin of the river Ganga.

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