Relaxing in the backwaters of Kerala

Relaxing in the backwaters of Kerala

South India has a host of things big on tourism other than the beautiful temples. One such popular tourist attraction are the backwaters of Kerala. The backwaters of Kerala are a series of continuous lagoons, canals, rivers and lakes located next to each other, running exactly parallel to the Arabian Sea. The water bodies that constitute the backwaters are both natural as well as man made. These backwaters run across almost half of Kerala.

You can easily reach Kerala either by car, by train or by plane. It is a very easily accessible place. And surprisingly, Kerala is the first state in India to have a 100% literacy rate, so don’t worry about not knowing the mother tongue. Most people will be able to converse in broken English, if not fluent English.

An interesting fact about the backwaters of Kerala is that the fresh water coming from the rivers amalgamates with the salt water from the Arabian Sea. A barrage has been built to keep a check on the level of fresh water so that it can be used later for irrigational purposes.

The backwaters seem to have a small ecosystem of their running quite smoothly. They are home to many trees, plants, animals, birds and other creatures staying in and around the water. The trees and plantations around the backwaters make for a gorgeous view. You can see nature in its full glory and abundance. The experience of visiting the backwaters is like no other. You are bound to feel very close to nature.

As far as the accommodation is concerned, you can book yourself on a houseboat which will take you in and around the backwaters. You will get a first hand feel of what it is to live on water, quite literally! These houseboats are traditionally known as ‘kettuvallams’.

Some of the common areas where you can enjoy the beauty of the backwaters are Kollam, Thiruvallam, Munroe Island, Kuttanad and Kozhikode. Excited much? Don’t think, just reach the backwaters to experience nature, peace, beauty and calm by yourself.

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