Quit Smoking: Because Health Matters A Lot

Quit Smoking: Because Health Matters A Lot

As the developing country, the Indian government has announced the tax rates for cigarettes, tobaccos, and bidis to save the lives of the people and to protect their health. Though, India’s new tax rate for tobacco is a critical step forward in the country in which there are about 275 millions of tobacco users which is the second most in the world after china. However, this high rates will let the current tobacco users to quit, prevent potential tobacco users especially the young one's that is from starting and help reduce the one millions deaths tobacco use causes in India each year.

Furthermore, this decision of increasing the high tax rates is especially significant for the treatment of bidis that consist of shredded tobacco, hand-rolled in a tendu leaf. Notably, bidis have previously been omitted from tax increases on tobacco products due to a powerful and well connected bidi industry.

About Bidis

Where bidis are consumed by two third of all the adult smokers in India and far outsell regular cigarette. Well, just like other tobacco products, bidis exact a deadly toll on health, causing lung, and other forms of cancer, thus contributing to chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

We proudly congratulate the Indian government for this bold decision to protect the health of the Indian people and save their lives for generations to come.  Meanwhile, the government will now need to stand strong against the cigars, bidi, and tobacco industry appeals and lobbying that will start immediately to water down the decision by attempting to exempt certain tobacco and cigar products because without an action, tobacco and cigar's use will kill about one billion people worldwide in this century.

If you’re one of those people of the Indian population who smokes then why not make today the day you decide to quit?

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