Parameters for Selecting a Reliable Foreign Exchange Services

Parameters for Selecting a Reliable Foreign Exchange Services

Though, there are numerous companies which offer foreign exchange services, but many of them scam their clients by either misguiding them or cheating them, so to avoid these types of dealing with such companies, you should do a bit of research to know whether the company is genuine, trustworthy, flexible, and reliable or they are just to cheat their customers. Given below are the following parameters based on which you can choose or select the reliable foreign exchange services that include:


It was well said that 'Nothing can beats experience'. With the experience, the customers can rest assured that they will not face any problem with the foreign exchange services.

RBI Authorisation

It is one of the most convenient and very essential parameters for choosing the best foreign exchange services provider, is to check whether the company is authorised by the Reserve Bank of India or not.

Client Support

As there is nothing annoying as encountering few problems related to your travel cards in a foreign country and in such scenario you can be helpless if your company cannot be reached or is unable to help you out. So when you choose the company, make sure that it provide 24/7 customer support, no matter where you are and offers a helpline number and dedicated agents who can be reached promptly.

Forex Foreign Exchange Rates

Some companies charge forex foreign exchange rates that are always higher than the live forex market rates. Make sure that the company offer live forex foreign exchange rates and update you at regular intervals of ten minutes.

Offered Services

The company should offer you a handful services including prepaid forex card, foreign exchange in cash, and wire transfer.

  • Prepaid Forex Card: it is best combination of a debit card and cash, as it is safe, secure, reliable, and is available for negligible margin rates.
  • Foreign Exchange in Cash: along with your forex card, that company should also provide some liquid money outside India.
  • Wire Transfer: the company should offer the wire transfer service for transferring funds internationally.


This one may not be an essential thing in selecting the foreign exchange services provider, but it should be considered because we live in a world where everything can be purchased from the comfort of your home than why should  buying these services involve any hassles.

Global Acceptance

The company should provide you with the forex card which is globally accepted and offer both single currency or multi currencies forex card services which are accepted in all over the world.

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