Ooty, The Queen of Nilgiris To-Do List

Ooty, The Queen of Nilgiris To-Do List

South India homes many fascinating tourist destinations, both unexplored and overly visited. One among the most stupendous locations is Ooty, the Queen of Nilgiris that is situated in Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu. The city boasts of rich historical repertoire of the colonial era, a series of heritage bungalows, coffee and tea plantations, scenic valleys and stunning hill views. Dotted with lush greenery, Ooty is the perfect concoction of the best of Western and Eastern Ghats. Here is your check-list of things you could do while traveling to this heavenly hill station.

Nilgiri Hills
Immerse yourself in the plentitude of panoramic views of the extensive blue mountains, called the Nilgiris. While in Ooty, make sure you visit the hills that are a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and offer a pleasant view of the valley. Named after the blue smoky haze resulting from the blooming of kurunji flowers, the blue mountains are divided into various swamps and valleys. Among the many grassy hills along the Nilgiri ranges is the Doddabetta Pea, the highest point.

Doddabetta Peak
Your visit to Nilgiri hills remains incomplete without paying homage to this mighty peak with a height of 2634 meters! Situated at the junction of Eastern and Western Ghats, the Doddabetta peak offers a beholding sight of the setting sun. Walk up to the Telescope House and witness the breathtaking scenery of the Chamundi hills and many other valleys alongside forest areas.

Bhavani Lake
The grandeur of the Bhavani Lake is open for tourists to witness between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Nestled atop the Nilgiris is this serene and untouched destination perfect for the nature lover in you. A 38kms drive away from Ooty, Bhavani Lake serves as the backwaters to the Bhavani dam and is a notch beyond perfection during winters when fog and mist convert the roads into nothing less than magical.

Botanical Garden
Tickle the eco-friendly soul of yours and visit Ooty’s grand botanical garden, which is built over 22 hectares of land. It homes over 650 species of trees and flowers. The scent of the nature is sure to leave your senses addicted. A popular attraction of the garden is its 20 million years old fossil tree. Also experience the texture and fragrance of imported shrubs, bonsai plants and over 30 types of eucalyptus trees!

Avalanche Lake
Located at around 28kms from Ooty, this mesmerizing lake body resulted from a massive landslide in 1823 and is thus aptly called the Avalanche Lake. Visit this lake right after monsoon to witness the gushing waterfalls splashing into it. Surrounded by thick forests that don’t let sunlight penetrate through, the panoramic view of the Avalanche Lake is absolutely delightful! With prior permission from the forest office in Ooty, spend a relaxed evening here, fishing. All fishing equipment is readily available.

Ooty offers an engaging vacation to please your senses and to becalm your soul. This picturesque hill station in Tamil Nadu is nothing short of green-mysticism itself. Whether you are planning to travel to Ooty alone, or with your family and friends, a pre-booking in any of the hotels in Ooty is much advisable, given the fact that tourists frequent the place round the year.

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