Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp?

Natural Home Remedies for Itchy Scalp?

If your head is very itchy and due to this, dandruff is also bothering you, then you do not need to go out anywhere. You can solve this problem in a pinch by opening your fridge.

A quick remedy to cure scalp itching and dandruff

Itching of the head will disappear in just 5 minutes; apply this natural herb to the scalp

- Head itching is a common problem. This problem can be troubling for different reasons in every season. If you are also doing this stuff then you do not need to be worried anymore. Rather, you can get relief from itching your head in just 5 minutes as described here.

To adopt this method, you need one lemon and two spoons of plain water (if you have mineral water, it would be better). After this, mix these two and apply them to your hair scalp. Learn how to apply and how long to apply.

Do this job first

First of all, take 1 lemon and cut it and extract its juice. While extracting the lemon juice, squeeze it by placing the sieve over the bowl so that its fibers and seeds do not mix with the juice and separate in the sieve.

Now you add two teaspoons of water to this juice. If you have long hair you can take two lemons and add 4 teaspoons of water to them. After preparing lemon and water solution, add one teaspoon of rose water to it.

Hair like this

-The mixture of lemon, water, and rose water is mainly applied to the hair roots. So that the itching of your head can be calmed and dandruff can be removed. To apply this mixture in the skin of the head, you take a peel of half a lemon from which you have squeezed the juice.

-Now dip this peel in the prepared mixture and apply it to the roots of your hair by rubbing it lightly. You have to do this work slowly so that your skin can absorb this liquid and it does not flow on your face and neck.

If you want glowing skin without any pampering, then remove these things immediately from the liquid diet.

After washing so long

-After applying this mixture to the entire head, apply it to the hair length also. After this, tie the hair and leave it like this for about half an hour. When you are applying this mixture to your hair, your itching will only subside.

- There may be a slight tingling in the skin of the head, but it will heal in 2 to 3 minutes. You are being asked to apply this mask for half an hour so that dandruff also disappears completely from your head.

Only 7 days will show the difference, apply raw potato this way

Do this only with dandruff

-If you do not have a dandruff problem, you can wash your hair with herbal shampoo even after 5 minutes of applying lemon all over the head. Just keep in mind that the water you use for shampooing should be (very warm). So that you do not have a cold in winter.

Keep in mind that lemon is very beneficial for hair, but using it too much can increase dryness in hair. So if you apply lemon to hair twice a week then it is enough. Using lemon in excess hair can increase dryness.

This recipe works like this

Citric acid and vitamin C are found in lemon juice. Also, lemon juice is rich in antibacterial properties. It removes itchy bacteria and fungi etc. Deeply cleanses the scalp.

- Gulabjal helps to soothe the burning and itching in the head. It tones the scalp skin and helps to block the moisture in the hair roots. So that dandruff does not come in the head.

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