Most Amazing Places To Spend This New Year's Eve

Most Amazing Places To Spend This New Year's Eve

There is most of the destination around the world which has a well deserved reputation for traditional as well as culturally throwing a great New Year's Eve. Moreover, make sure to plan early for these prime parties, as these destinations have the best viewing areas for the fireworks. However, some in these destinations have charged a fee and tickets sometimes to go and spend the time there. So here are some of the destinations where you might travel for this New Year that includes:


It is the very first major international city that greets New Year’s Eve in the midnight, as the most amazing fireworks display takes place at Sydney at the opera house and the harbour bridge which provides a spectacular backdrop. Moreover, the islands in the harbour or family parks on either side offer great views.

Hong Kong

This destination is also one of the major places around the world which provides a sight visitors never forget, and New Year’s Eve fireworks just up the ante. The famous fireworks which illuminate stunning Victoria harbour are set to music. Besides, you might catch the dazzling display from one of the Hong Kong’s many hotels with great views.


This place provides the historical setting for an exquisite New Year's Eve gala dinner with atmospheric live music, plus the night include a champagne aperitif, six course menu, soft drinks, wine accompaniment and coffee, entertainment, and admission to the New Year's Eve party in the bar.

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