Long Term Benefits Of Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Long Term Benefits Of Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

Despite the fact that two wheeler are much more vulnerable to getting into road accidents as compared to any other vehicle, it is very imperative to buy a two wheeler insurance policy. Although as per law, you need to have a valid liability insurance policy to drive on an Indian road. While under a liability insurance policy, any damage to your wheeler is not covered, and it is recommended to buy a comprehensive or a package policy which provides protection to your vehicle as well as in-built liability insurance. Not to mention that your wheeler is always protected against unexpected occurrences like theft or third party liability. Thus, going for a comprehensive or a package two wheeler insurance policies is definitely worth it.

Well, there are some of the benefits of long term two wheeler insurance policy that include:

Offered Discounts

These insurance policies let the holder avail various discounts, as the insurer is able to save on various administrative costs through long term plans and these savings are offered to customers in the form of discounts and incentives.

Insurance Renewals

To renew your policy every year is not very convenient, especially if you have more than one insurance policy. Well in case, if your insurance policy gets lapsed, the holder needs to go through numerous hassles to have the policy renewed again. Moreover, consider getting an accident after the renewal date, you will not be able to make a claim in such a situation and it is where you may also need to get your two wheeler re-inspected before your policy is renewed or a new policy is issued. These situations don't happen if you have long term two wheeler insurance. 

No Claim Bonus

This is the biggest advantage of the long term two wheeler insurance, as it is basically a discount provided to the policy holder on the premium of the next year in case they have not made any claims in the current year.


Most of the insurance companies have the provision to offer refunds to the policy holder when the policy is being terminated or cancelled which is a benefit that is provided only to long term two wheeler insurance policy holder.

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