List of the 4 biggest car trends to watch out for in 2019

List of the 4 biggest car trends to watch out for in 2019

In today's scenario, we are moving ahead into another golden age for cars, as the current generation of cars will be exciting for many different reasons. Modern cars will continue to be dictated by safety needs and requirements, as the designers are getting better at working around some of the safety challenges. However, the growing number of electric vehicles might also change the automotive landscape with more interesting looks.

The rising look of SUV

Nowadays, every manufacturer now features a distinct crossover or SUV line-up in its range, as the influence has already begun extending into other cars where estate cars are often offer more rugged versions that feature raised suspension as well as additional body cladding. Undoubtedly, you can also see recent advances in the lighting technology that have a growing influence on car design. However, these are being used as styling elements to help giving the cars more and more recognisable and characterful faces plus the light signature of LED daytime running lights is now almost as important as badge and grille design in a brand's identity.

Bright colors are arriving on your roads

As the personalisation options are getting more and more trendy, being able to have a two-tone exterior with a contrasting colored roof or mirrors is very popular which means that you can tailor a car to your own taste. For example, the Citroen C3 Aircross has 85 different combinations and the Nissan Micra have 100, with Nissan saying that 18% of customers are choosing to personalise the exterior of their Micra.

All-wheel drive would be a standard option

In the growing and challenging world, you will notice a trend for more cars to be offered with all wheel drive or some sort of enhanced traction control system. However, from city cars to high luxury estates could be had with extra grip control and these are the reasons more and more manufacturers will offer this throughout the year as there is now less of a penalty in both weight and fuel consumption for all-wheel drive transmissions.

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