Information You Need To Provide When Making A Home Insurance Claim

Understanding and dealing with an emergency at your home has never easy whether it’s a fire, break-in, earthquake, Tsunami, or flood. But thankfully to some of the insurance companies and banks, your home insurance policy has always been there to protect you as well as your family when you need it the most in your toughest time. You just need to keep track of some important information and eligibilities’ before, during, and after an incident can make for a smoother claims opens a pop-up with definition of claims process and help you feel at home again as quickly as possible.

Some information’s and questions, you might be asked to provide any of the following information which includes:

Brief information about the incident: a brief description of what happened in your own words. Whether or not the incident may have been caused by a faulty product (e.g., faulty plumbing parts or electrical wiring) — if possible, keep the faulty item for the adjuster opens a pop-up with definition of adjuster to inspect

Damage Materials: the type of materials that were damaged (e.g., drywall, doors, hardwood flooring, etc.) and the dimensions of the area that was damaged; where the damage started (i.e., where the water is coming from or where the burglar entered your home)

Damage Belongings: the type of damage caused and whether the damaged items need to be cleaned, replaced, or repaired

Details about each damaged or stolen item: a description of the item including its brand name and model number, the original purchase cost, and where and when the item was purchased (this is where your home inventory sheet or app can come in handy)

Efforts from your side: a description of any work you’ve already done to fix the problem or prevent further damage (i.e., if you’ve tried to patch a leaking pipe to prevent further flooding)

Details about police involvement: the police report number and the responding officer’s name, badge number, and phone number

Besides, they might ask you if you have your own contractor who you would like to hire to complete repairs to your home, which also include the contractor information and all the details about him.

Whether or not you will need to make alternate living arrangements while waiting for repairs to your home, most home, condo, and tenant insurance policies include coverage for out-of-pocket expenses when you’re forced to leave home because of an insured event which sometimes also known as Additional Living Expenses coverage.


Sometimes a home insurance claim happens even when you have taken all the right steps to prevent it. However, you may not be able to remember all of the information you need when the time comes to make a claim, your broker opens a pop-up with definition of broker will be there to help walk you through it and also they will work with your insurer to settle your claim as quickly as possible so you can focus on getting back to normal.

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