How To Increase The Level Of Calcium In Your Body?

How To Increase The Level Of Calcium In Your Body?

There are some of the main foods that will help you increase the level of calcium in your body as well as improve your bones. These are given as follows:


One full cup of the milk has 30 percent of the calcium that your body need daily on a regular basis. Despite the fact that the milk which is sold in stores is typically fortified with vitamin D that might actually deplete the bones of vital nutrients.


It is the fact that, yogurt contain more calcium than milk depending on the variety you eat. For example, a plain cup of yogurt gives you about 400 milligrams of calcium which is at least the third of your daily needs. Moreover, yogurt is a good source of protein and vitamin B’ especially vitamin B12.


Egg should be taken for breakfast on a regular basis, as it contains a nice amount of vitamin D and it helps improve bone health. In egg, the yolk contains vitamin D, so if you tend to eat egg's white omelets then you will have to get your vitamin D from elsewhere.


It is one of the dark leafy green vegetable and a non-dairy source of calcium which is not only a bone healthy but an excellent source of vitamin c, fiber, and nutrients which contain cancer fighting properties.


As we all know that cheese is made from milk which has a good source of calcium and this is the reason cheese has lots of calcium. With so many varieties of cheese available today, mozzarella is particularly high in calcium. For high amount of calcium, try to take cheese made from skim milk.

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