How Consumers Shop For Cars; Some Amazing Statistics

How Consumers Shop For Cars; Some Amazing Statistics

In the growing and challenging world, car buyers spend maximum 60% of their online researching and when they searching online, about 46% of the car shoppers use multiple devices. However, most of them are firstly undecided at the start of the shopping process and when they begin to shop; almost 6 out of 10 are open to considering multiple vehicle options. Moreover, in case of the website and research, the third party sites are the most used websites for car shopping, used by 78% of shoppers.

The top most car activities done by the car shoppers are including the researching car prices, finding the actual cars listed for sale, they do compare the different models of cars, they do spend the time in searching what current car is worth for them, and locating dealer or getting the dealer information and the last but not the least, they collect the reviews of different car.

When customers are asked to rate their satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10, then about 80% of them gave the best driving process an 8 rating out of 10, whereas, the satisfaction declined to 67% when interactions with the F&I department were factored in.

Social Media Statistics

Among all the automotive shoppers in the internet, 25% of the total shoppers use social media sites as a source while shopping for their new vehicle, up from 16% in 2018. Moreover, among the most popular social media sites used by auto internet shoppers during the shopping process are including YouTube, DealerRater, and Facebook.

The shoppers who use social media for searching the car, only 15% indicate that the information posted on social media sites influenced their purchase decision, and only 5% says that the social media is the most useful site they have visited. In general, Facebook is by far the most posted site at 88% followed by Instagram at 25%.

According to the recent research from Facebook, shoppers from US not only use mobile devices for their searches, but they even prefer them for some activities. Furthermore, the majority of vehicle shoppers said that, the mobile is far a better way to ask friends and family about auto options, in which 5 out of 10 preferred to book a test drive from a mobile device.

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