Home Remedies To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Home Remedies To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

As we all know that high blood sugar occurs when your body cannot transport sugar from blood vessels into cells. And when left unchecked, this can lead to diabetes. According to the recent studies, 14%-17% of the Indian adults have type 2 diabetes, and 35%-40% are classifies as pre-diabetic, which means that 50%-60% Indian have diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is very important for you to take immediate action to cure your diabetes before it gets too late, so here are some of the home remedies to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

Exercise Regularly

Doing exercise regularly can help you losing your weight which can increase insulin sensitivity which means that your cells are better able to use the available sugar in your bloodstream. Regular exercise will also help your muscles use blood sugar for energy and muscle contraction. However, if you have issues with the blood sugar control, then this formula will definitely respond to different activities that keep your blood sugar levels from getting high or low.

Drink lots of water and always stay hydrated

Well, drinking enough water might help you keep your blood sugar levels within healthy limits, as drinking water regularly may re-hydrates the blood and lower your blood sugar levels that lead to reduces the diabetes risk. Always keep in mind that water and other non-caloric beverages are the best.

Eat chromium and magnesium rich food

High blood sugar levels have been linked to micronutrient deficiencies such as chromium and magnesium. Chromium is involved in crab and fat metabolism which help control blood sugar levels while the lack of chromium may predispose you to crab intolerance. Moreover, the foods that are rich in chromium are egg yolk, whole grain products, high bran cereals, coffee, nuts, green beans, broccoli, meat, and many more. Besides, magnesium is also very beneficial for your body to control your blood sugar levels.

Control stress levels

As we all know that stress has a bad impact on blood sugar levels. For example, hormones such as glucagon and cortical are secreted during stress which causes blood sugar levels to go up. To reduce it, exercise and relaxation methods like yoga and meditation can help insulin secretion problems.

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