Health Benefits Of Banana: Should We Eat Or Shouldn't?

Health Benefits Of Banana: Should We Eat Or Shouldn't?

As we all know that breakfast is the most important meal that should be taken like a king including wholesome and nutritious ingredients in the platter, but most of us ends up becoming a meal on the go and we tend to grab one of the easiest options that is a banana that require no washing and have multiple of benefits. Banana is most famous and well known for promoting a healthy heart and reducing fatigue in the body. Furthermore, it help maintaining the blood pressure of the human body, help reducing depression, constipation, heartburn, and the problem of ulcers and provide you the cooling effect to your body.

Apart from this, adding a banana to your daily diet has an array of benefits to your body which helps keep your bowels healthy. Given below are some of the health benefits of eating banana per day that include:

Weight Loss

Nowadays, finding foods that fits into your weight-loss diet can be a challenging task, but bananas make a perfect fit to that. Moreover, bananas are naturally the sweetest and healthiest food that can help curb your sweet tooth if you get that afternoon sugar craving. Besides, banana has a minimal 90 calories, about one-fourth of the calories you would get from a chocolate candy bar. In addition, about half of the fibre content in bananas is soluble which reaches your digestive tract and absorbs water and slows digestion. Although, food is forced to sit in your stomach for a while, making you feel full and so if you have a banana before lunch, you'll be less likely to overeat when your food comes to the table.

Better Digestive Health

Taking banana each day aids in keeping you regular, as it has more than 2.5 grams of total fibre in which half of which are insoluble which travels through your digestive tract, sweeps up waste and help push it out. Hence, keep your bowels healthy by getting 14 grams of fibre in your diet for every 1k calories you consume.

Normal Heart Function

Eating one banana each day adds a nutrient to your body to support normal heart function, as it is rich in minerals electrolyte called potassium that enters your body absorbs directly into your bloodstream through intestinal walls. Whereas, potassium travels around to cells all over your body and dissolves in fluid inside of the cells.

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