Great Things That Happen Only In India During Winter

Great Things That Happen Only In India During Winter

Winter is here, and so the lifestyle of the people changes with it a plethora, as it goes without saying that there are some of the winter things which are unique to only Indians that are discussed below:

Like anything else, gudpatti or chikki wins desi winters

When we think of winters, gudpatti or chikki is one of the first things that comes to our mind which is the sweetest memory of winter. Gudpatti or chikki is liked by all the generations including kiddos, adults, and old ones.

Smell of the naphthalene balls from the woollen clothes

As the winter come, it is the smell of the naphthalene balls all over the space which signals that winter is here. These are used when storing clothing and other articles susceptible to damage from the moth larvae. It is mostly used to keep moths from eating your clothes, as they really don't like naphthalene.

Gaajar the halwa in winters

I can surely say that, you can find gaajar ka halwa everywhere from sweet shops to every home regardless of which season it is. In winters, carrots are abundant as well as reasonably priced too. As a result, it has a very delicious taste which is also very economical.

Homely formulas to melt coconut oil in the parachute bottle

It is the best memory of us in the winters to discover that the oil melts if we hold the parachute bottle in our palms for few minutes. Moreover, all you required in winters is the coconut oil, as it is good for the dry skin as well as the hairs.

Boroplus is the solution for chapped, cracked, and dry skin

As we know that boro plus is used on cuts and wounds and it is an inexpensive multipurpose cream which serves lots of things like shaving cut, healing, dry lips, cracked heels, and as a cuticle cream.

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