Goa Serendipity During Monsoon

Goa Serendipity During Monsoon

Peppered with the 17th century Portuguese-style churches, lush greenery and scenic beaches is the coastal Indian State, Goa. We have heard about the romp and gambol Goa offers to all its tourists during the popular Sunburn festival held each year in December. The peak season is indeed winters, when the party mood is set and people from around the world roam about the Goan roads in style and shake a leg at silent parties. Generally from October to January, beach, nature and party lovers flock to Goa to spend time alone, or with friends or family. However, it is a lesser known fact that the Goan charm captivates its visitors during the monsoon months. Revel in the eye-pleasing scenery of our “beach capital” while reaping innumerable advantages when you visit Goa during the monsoon season. Here are a few to lure you.

Fly to Goa at Discounted Rates
Taking a road trip to dream destinations like Goa are sure to satiate the traveller in you, but when you have limited holidays and wish to make the best of the time at hand, take a flight to Goa at cost next to nothing during the rainy season. Airlines offer great discounts between June and September when most travel enthusiasts choose to rest. This is your time to grab the best deals. Compare the flight-bounty and fly to Goa at jealousy-inducing prices!

Fetch Hotel Cost-Rollbacks
Another cause of concern for the backpacker is the surging hotel cost. Ever since the popularity of hostels and home-stays, hotels have lost their charm to an extent that on-the-go travellers prefer accommodation that is both, inexpensive and comfortable. Monsoon is also a season of raining discounts in hotels! Being an off season, hotels give out rooms on costs as low as half the price during winters. What other time to be in Goa than monsoon. Not just budget hotels, but luxury hotels, too, offer heavy discounts between June and September.

Breathe the Pristine Goan Air
Monsoon flushes the Goan streets with abundant beauty and greenery. The immaculate and unsullied freshness of the beaches during monsoon are beyond speculation. Although entry to a few beaches is restricted during the rainy months, you are sure to fall in love with the mesmerizing Dudhsagar falls, which is at its peak flow at this time. You would be attracted to take long walks by the golden, sandy beaches, witnessing the becalming drizzle of cool showers.

See Goa From the Eyes of the Locals
The enchanting history of Goa is as spellbinding as the soaring waves. What better time to partake in local fetes and festivals than during the monsoon, when Goans celebrate the Bonderam festival and enjoy the fertility feast of Sao Joao. The “off season” diverts you from the established and celebrated image of Goa as India’s beach capital. When you visit Goa between June and September, you experience the life that is beyond its nightlife. Wildlife sanctuaries provide a visual treat to nature lovers! With lesser people around, you can discover and uncover Goa at your own pace, the way you like.

Travel to Goa alone, or with family or friends during monsoon to soak in the drenched beaches and swelling waterfalls. Trek to the famous Chapora fort or sip a cup of coffee in your balcony, witnessing the pitter-patter of soothing rainfall. For a better bargain, make sure you compare prices of hotels in Goa online before booking.

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