Flexible Packaging Solutions for Vegetable Blends

Flexible Packaging Solutions for Vegetable Blends

The delicate nature of most of the fruits and vegetables requires gentle packaging in order to maintain their important nutritional properties and great taste. Nowadays, consumers are now preferred to shop fruits and vegetable blends from the grocery stores, as they seek foods they believe are healthier and fresher with minimal additives and packaging. Greater use of packaging has become inevitable to extend shelf life and protect the product in transit. As the food safety becoming a growing concern, consumers are more interested to know where the product is coming from.

With the extensive investments in technology for the best packaging solutions, harvesting and processing, the companies want consumers to recognise their brand based on the quality and consistency of the products. Packaging has always been used as the selling tool, as it allows the processors to brand their product without spending a huge amount on advertising.

Blended, Vegetable Blends

Insights from the research show that 100% juice remains a significant part of the average consumer diet with more than 40% of the people drinking every day. Furthermore, consumers say that they are willing to pay a premium for juices that they associate with healthy choices. Thus, these findings indicate great potential for 100% juice and the growth will come from products that meet consumer needs focused on health and out of home consumption. The food processing and packaging industry has already responded with innovative packaging solutions and innovation in three key areas including vegetable nutrition, all natural and speciality 100% juice.

Vegetable Nutrition: vegetable blends, where vegetables and fruits are combined, lowering the natural sugar content and adding health benefits, are now the most popular 100% juice flavour globally.

100% Speciality: consumers are now globally saying that they are more interested in the products with proven health benefits. Vegetable blends producers are increasingly offering 'fortified with' or 'vitamin-enriched' 100% juice with functional health benefits in immunity, heart health, digestion, bone health, brain health, and beauty.

Benefits of Blended Vegetables

Given below are some of the benefits of eating the blended vegetables that include:

  • It reduces hunger
  • It also retains fibres
  • It takes less time to breakdown food
  • Give a chance to include new food in your diet
  • It is a healthy way to add greens to your diet

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