Discovering your way around Singapore with ease

Discovering your way around Singapore with ease

Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, is an island country in Southeast Asia. It is a major business, economic and tourist hub. As one of the most technologically advanced and developed nation, Singapore is quite a global country. People from all over the world come to visit Singapore. Due to its geographic location, Singapore has a peasant weather all around the year, making it an ideal tourist destination. Being developed, Singapore is a very safe country to be in, making it safe for women travellers.

The Republic of Singapore has a high population density. To keep the country away from chaos and maintain order, Singapore has a fully functional public transport system in place. This makes commuting around Singapore very convenient, flexible and economical. Be it students, working professionals, corporate workers, businessmen, the Singaporean public transport system works well and serves one and all.

Being a cosmopolitan country, the people is Singapore are well versed with English, making communication very easy. This solves many problems, doesn’t it? You feel more comfortable exploring a place where language is not a barrier. Even though you’ll find a lot of people speaking in their mother tongue such as Tamil, Malay, or even Mandarin, people will always know basic English.

Whether you’re a food lover, an adventure enthusiast, an architecture fanatic or an art follower, Singapore has it all. It truly is a place which one can frequent with family, friends and children alike. A few key attractions that are worth a visit are: the Sentosa Island, the Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Clarke Quay, China Town, Tiong Bahru, Orchard Road and the Singapore Night Safari.

Connectivity is never an issue in the Republic of Singapore. There are multiple public wifi zones that you can access at almost all times. As far as currency is concerned, the Singapore Dollar is the local currency used there. You can exchange your currency with the local currency very easily. So shop all that you can. Singapore has almost all the major fashion, beauty and technology brands that you can think of, so we’re sure the shopper in you won’t be disappointed. And when you get tired of shopping, don’t forget to try the Singaporean speciality, that is the Hainanese chicken rice. This is a local delicacy of Singapore, available at every nook and corner. Your taste buds are sure to be asking more of it!

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