Discover Udaipur, the City of Lakes

Discover Udaipur, the City of Lakes

The vibrant state of Rajasthan boasts of its rich culture, heritage, traditions, architecture and food. Udaipur, as a state in Rajasthan, captures it all. Udaipur was founded by Maharaja Udai Singh II in the year 1559. Having multiple natural as well as artificial lakes in and around the city, Udaipur is commonly known as the City of Lakes. As a matter of act, Udaipur is also known as the Venice of the East owing to the Aravalli hills and many water bodies surrounding it.

Getting to Udaipur is really easy. It is well connected by road, so you could drive down or take a bus or catch a train; and by air, so you could even take a flight. Due to such good connectivity and the multiple things to visit and see, Udaipur is popularly frequented by both Indians and foreigners. Some of the interesting things that you could do to get a true feel of the place are:

1. A visit to the Lake Pichola:
Lake Pichola is a man-made lake in Udaipur. You can take a boat ride on this lake and see the city of udaipur in its true form and colour. The boat ride, especially at the time of sunset is very appealing since you can see the city coming alive. The view in and around the Lake Pichola is quite stunning.

2. Explore the Udaipur City Palace:
The City Palace of Udaipur was ideated by Maharana Udai Mirza Singh. It was built in the year 1159. The palace is beyond beautiful having a mix of ethnic and European architecture. Be it the painting, the architecture, or the construction itself, it looks truly regal and royal. The palace is open to tourists all seven days of the week at a minimum ticket price.

3. A visit to the Jagdish Temple
The Jagdish Temple is the biggest temple in Udaipur. It was built in 1651. It has various idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Shakti. The temple has religious importance but other than that, it also has great architecture. The carvings on the wall, the sculptures, the idols and the overall ambience of the temple is a must see.

4. A walk through Saheliyon ki Bari
Also open all through the week, Saheliyon ki Bari translates into the ‘Garden of Companions’. The Saheliyon ki Bari was built for queen and the maids of the queen, by Sangram Singh II. It was created with the intention of being a casual place for the queen to relax and have fun with her maids.

5. An afternoon at the Lake Palace
A visit to the Lake Palace might cost you more than the entry fee to the Udaipur City Palace, but the Lake Palace is a sight to be seen. Just like the Udaipur City Palace, the Lake Palace is open all seven days of the week to tourists. This Palace is located on the jag Niwas island in the center of the Lake Pichola. It has now been converted into a luxurious commercial hotel. The Lake Palace is beautifully lit at night.

A day trip to the Kumbalgarh Fort
The Kumbalgarh Fort is slightly away from the main city of Udaipur. It boasts of having the largest wall in the world after that of the Great Wall of China. It is almost a two and a half hour long drive from the city of Udaipur. So it’s best to keep a day in hand to go and witness this fort. There are many horror stories around this fort, making it even more popular among the tourists.

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