Did You Know Who Invented The World's First Car?

Did You Know Who Invented The World's First Car?

Well, it is true that there was a time when cars did not even exist and the idea of creating a functional automobile run on fuel and charged by electrical parts on roads had not been materialised yet. After sometime, finally it became someone's vision to transform the way humans travel and take their dream across the finish line. But, one thing for sure is Henry Ford didn't do that.

So, he was a humble mechanic named Karl Benz who did, along with his genius wife. Moreover, he would later go on to becoming one half of Mercedes Benz (familiar name is ringing the right bell), as for his story, in 1844 a prodigious child was born who would one day give the world its first ever and change the course of journeys forever.


Karl Benz' a brilliant locomotive engineer became obsesses with creating a horseless carriage, as he was very inspired by others' attempts to do the same in the past. By far, he researched relentlessly and completed his education and gained experience doing different jobs. But, when he got down to work, he successfully developed a gasoline powered two stroke piston engine which would become the standard structure of the modern engine we use today.

At last, his efforts resulted in the first ever automobile to generate power on its own, as it was a three wheeled wonder called a Motorwagen. And, then Benz thereafter granted patent rights and by doing so, he marked his iconic place in history as the first ever carmaker. Throughout this time, his partner Bertha Ringer remained his support system, biggest critic, and collaborator.

At that time, Berth and Karl were married with 5 children, as Bertha continued playing his advisor as he switched workplaces and experiments with all kinds of engineering and Karl Benz was a nervous, unconfident man who suffered from depression often. Hence, it was up to Bertha to keep him stable and steady in their ventures.

As Karl Benz said,

“Only one person remained with me in the small ship of life when it seemed destined to sink. That was my wife. Bravely and resolutely she set the new sails of hope.”

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