Amazing Places To Experience This Winter Season

Amazing Places To Experience This Winter Season

Rainbow River In Colombia

Rainbow River is a beautiful escape along with fresh water plants such as Macarenia Clavigerarooms that render a colorful look to the pristine water. At the mountain range located to the south of the capital Bogota, Rainbow River qualifies for a unique vacation. During the end of the autumn and the starting season of the winter, moss, aquatic flora, corals, and the red plants stick fast to the rocks all through the riverbed which forms a melange of shades right under the water surface.

Giant Buddha In Sichuan, China

a remarkable Leshan Giant Buddha In Sichuan, China was listed as UNESCO world heritage site together with Mount Emei in 1996. The stone of the Buddha was carved in the 18th century AD out of the hillside of Xijuo Peak. Moreover, it is the tallest Buddha sculpture in the world with a height of 71 meters, as the construction of this was the idea of Chinese monk called Haitong, who hoped that Buddha would calm the turbulent waters (Min River, Qingyi River and Dudu River) that plagued the shipping vessels travelling down the river. Hence, this sculpture has a history over 1300 years.

Lombard Street In San Francisco

Lombard Street is often called one of the most crooked streets in the world. Well, it is the second crookedest and the number one street in the world as many travellers or visitors enjoy seeing the cars carefully winding down the turns among the beautiful flower beds. It was discovered very late as it was the time after 1950 when it was featured in a new article in San Francisco. Not long before from that, the first post card of Lombard Street appeared in 1961. Moreover, Lombard Street in San Francisco is one of the many cliffs like streets that horse-drawn wagons and early Model T Ford's had trouble with.

Moraine Lake Alberta, Canada

It is also known as the valley of ten peaks, located within Banff national park in Alberta, Canada. However, the brilliant blue-green waters are sheltered in the valley of ten peaks which provides the ultimate romantic gateway for those seeking a luxurious escape for a honeymoon, anniversary, hiking experience, or a relaxing vacation. At this place you can explore all that nature which offer beautiful and most amazing color of waters and a vivid shade of turquoise that changes in intensity through the summer as the glaciers melt.

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